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This is an application and file launcher that hides until the mouse is located at one of sides of the screen. It then unfolds and displays the shortcuts. As soon as a shortcut is pressed or the mouse leaves the area it disapears again. I made this for a maximum efficiency of starting applications. The options are available via a right click menu.
Shortcuts can be added via drag and drop and the position is freely selectable. The size and transparency and more can be adjusted. The reason why I made it is because most tools don't work properly or are totaly overloaded with functions. I don't know how I lived without it.

Logic Draw

This is an easy to use editor to draw neat logic timing diagrams to be used in datasheets or to document the functionality of self made circuits. It has several signal types including data and hiz. It also supports different types of freely placeable labels and an automated signal generator for generating clock signals or other repeating signals. The diagram can be directly exported to a picture and diagrams can be saved and loaded. The colors are quickly adjustable to match personal optic taste and style. I programmed this because I couldn't find any freeware that would do this satisfactorily.

Samples: 01 02 03 04

Power Gem

This is a really cool tetris-style game. You have to combine colored blocks to form power gems. Gems can be solved (removed) with solving spheres. The bigger the power gem, the more points it brings. The game is similar to "Puzzle Fighter" for the Play Station.


John Conway's extraodinary mathematical cellular automation algorithm. The program has a lot of interesting features and a lot of predefined forms that can be placed.

Disk memory monitor

Keeping track of hard disk space is an important issue. This Widget is programmed in Java for the Yahoo Widget Engine . It shows the capacity of your local hard drives and also of USB-memory sticks on your desktop. The type of drive is indicated by an icon. Additionally the RAM and CPU usage can be displayed. Still a bit buggy. The Yahoo Widget Engine is no longer available from Yahoo.

4-in-a-row AI

I always wanted to program my own 4-in-a-row algorythm (artificial intelligence). The programm was not meant to look good but just to test the AI. I can now use it in other projects. The grey ball shows where you put the next stone.