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Dual channel voltage/Current and temperature logger webfrontend on Raspberry Pi

This is a project to monitor and log two channels of voltage and current and one channel of temperature. It runns on a Raspberry pi with a nice webfrontend. Its purpose is to measure systems like DCDC converters or battery capacity over a longer period.
The data is updated dynamically.

Blog with map system

A custom blog system. It features:
  • Back end:
    • Add entries via webeditor or mobile Android app
    • Fully integrated Android Push Service
        Includes GCM (Google Cloud Messaging)
      • Get a notification if someone posts a comment
      • Get a notification if an error occurs
    • Android App
      • Take pictures and edit text
      • Directly upload to blog
      • Choose location manually via map or with GPS
      • Get Notifications
    • Webditor
      • Picture upload with preview and size information
      • Rotate and scale picture
      • Multiple pictures per entry with thumbnail preview
      • Clickable map for location selection
      • Resolve address from GPS coordinates OR
      • Resolve GPS coordinates from address
    • Administer all comments
    • User admin panel
    • Entry text supports HTML
    • and more...
  • Front end:
    • Embedd Youtube videos
    • Directly link the entry to a map marker
    • Support for login-dependable content filtering
      • Entries can be tagged to be hidden for guests
      • Hide entries that are still being edited
      • Entry viewability is colorcoded for the admin
    • Map marker popups show head text, address and a link to the entry
    • Mini worldmap shows location on map, generated in realtime
    • Simple and efficient navigation with page-buttons
    • Complete user-based comment system
      • Add comments
      • Edit or delete own comments
      • View list of all own comments
    • Realtime weather and currency display
    • Complete PHP based, nice login system
    • Logging who viewed the blog
    • Several pictures per entry
    • and more...
  • Services:
    • Android Push Notification via GCM
    • OpenStreetMaps
    • OpenWeather
    • TheMoneyConverter
    • mySQL

Linux MPD Web Interface

One main purpose of the Raspberry Pi is its use as media centre. I wanted to use it as a headless system with the possibility to control it from anywhere including smartphones. A web interface is the most universal solution. I therefore set up the MPD (Music Player Deamon) on the Pi and constructed a web interface. There are some solutions already available but they mostly run commands by reloading the entire page. I wanted to have a static page and process the commands in the background. The Interface consists of a bunch of JavaScripts and PHP scripts that run on an Apache web server on the Pi.
Still under development, especially the optics.

University App Website

I developed an Android app for the University of Applied Sciences And Arts in Hannover. It was so successful that it became the official University app and I also made a Website for it.
It includes server logistics ans a brief GUI for an anonymous statistical surveillance of the app.

Gearloose website

This website as such is also a project. I wrote several PHP scripts (and in the old version Javascripts, the new one is Java-free) that are used to automate content presentation and linking. For example the "next" and "last" buttons are generated by a PHP script. The private login page is a high end login system that supports users with folder permissions.