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This is a 16x16 LED matrix. The picture is scanned at about 60 frames a second. The program has an entry menu and is written in C. From there you can access the different functions by pressing the F-keys on the attached PS/2 keyboard. The functions are:
F1: tetris
F2: bouncing ball
F3: Conways game of life in a torus field.
F4: snake game
F5: snazzy clock that obtains the time from a DS1307 I2C RTC
F6: Mermain game
F7: diplay the scancode and Ascii value of a pressed key
F8: countdown timer
F12: set the time in the RTC

A video of the system in action on Youtube:

(If you cannot see the video click here)
256 ultra bright LED's, a multiplexer, a DS1307 RTC and an AVR ATmega32.
The copper side of the board is sprayed with a "Green Coat". The good thing about this PCB coating is that you can actually still solder and the paint functions as flux. And it keeps the board in good condition and it looks cool.
The schematic The keyboard driver runs completely in the backgound. It features num-, scroll-, and capslock functionality with LED's set on the keyboard. Also the shift key is featured. The interrupt driven routine returns the scancode of the pressed key and it's ascii value, if it actually has an ascii value. The release codes, shift calculation, and LED setting is totaly transparent to the user programm for a maximum of simplisity and efficiency.
The Tetris is like usual. At the end of the game the amount of rows are displayed. Also by the Snake game the amount of eaten frogs is displayed.
A very fancy clock. If the board is powered down in clock mode it will go back into this mode again after power up.